Life and Couple coach

About Me

Human beings fascinate me. I have always been drawn to observing individuals or groups of people and their ways of being and functioning in the world, the way they relate to themselves and others, with non-judgmental, great curiosity. It was finding myself confused between different vocations that ultimately led me to train as a life coach: I am passionate about development, and development is about positive change, change is about people, about you and me in the world. 

I am a down to earth, supportive, no fuss coach with tons of empathy and understanding. I have vowed to be as authentic as I can be in a way to allow my clients to feel safe to do the same. My intuition and psychological inclination inform my work, yet this is always tailored to the individual.

I love meeting clients where and how they are, helping them develop awareness and self-acceptance which can then lead to profound changes.  


As a result of working with me, clients have, amongst others:

  • Developed greater self-awareness and acceptance, confidence and self esteem
  • Gained clarity on the presenting issue as well as options for the way forward
  • Become independent decision-makers
  • Quit jobs that had long kept them unsatisfied, in which they felt stuck
  • Successfully launched start-up/business projects from what was just a blurry idea
  • Improved and successfully learnt to manage or change negative habits
  • Increased sense of agency over their lives, quitting the victim mentality and taking charge
  • Explored and accepted their sexuality and sexual identity
  • Uncovered and addressed unhealthy relationship patterns

Specialist In

Transformative coaching for mental, emotional and overall wellbeing;
relationship and couple coaching; sexual wellness.

Years of Experience

3 years

Qualifications and Experience

MSc Development Management, London School of Economics

Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching

Certificate in Relationship & Couple Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching

Certificate in Existential Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching