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About Me

I started my coaching business as the result of my own personal development and the realizations I had about what is possible if we learn to uncover our full potential. Combined with my previous experience in business analysis and project management, I applied coaching tools to create a balanced lifestyle for myself and my family. On this journey, my husband and I have been working on our relationship and learnt to appreciate and understand each other to a much higher extent. That’s why I decided to share my personal and our (as a couple) experience with others. I believe everyone deserves to be happy. And happiness is not something we can find, but something we can be… by being our best selves.

Having previously worked in the multinational corporate companies, I have successfully transformed my experience in project management into my coaching practice helping people better organise their personal lives – leaving enough space to  follow their passion. I coach my clients towards creating a balanced lifestyle, overcoming stresses and conflicts of a daily life; while creating a more loving and caring environment and allowing for their growth as individuals.

Over 12 years of my personal development, I learned that a healthy relationship with your loved ones starts with a healthy relationship with yourself. The effort I invested in working on myself has paid off as my husband and I have been together now for ten happy years.

Originally from Ukraine, I lived and worked in 4 countries which allows me to work with clients from different cultural backgrounds. I speak 5 languages, and can coach in 3 of them (Russian, English and Polish).

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Balanced lifestyle and relationship coach

Years of Experience

3 years

Qualifications and Experience

What I love about coaching is that you never know what the result of a coaching session could be. Most of the time, clients come to me with one issue, which they assume is an issue, and then we end up working on something completely different which is the underlying cause of the problem.

I believe, being able to help my clients to have a realization about what’s not working in their life and why is the best success I have in my coaching sessions. I had clients who realize that their childhood beliefs about love were stopping them from building a happy relationship, others would realize that it’s not the relationship they need to work on, but actually sorting out their life balance and learning to see life from a different perspective is a higher priority at the moment and a healthy relationship will follow automatically once the rest is in place.

Often, even one session can have a profound affect on a client’s life. I, as a coach, might think that nothing significant has happened in the session, and then have a client call me two months later to tell me how their life has changed thanks to the clarity they gained in our session.

And the biggest highlight of my work, I believe, is that I learn as much from my clients as they learn from me. Every time there is something new, I discover about myself and something that I can apply in my future work.