About Me

I have always been interested in human  behaviour and thought processes. I was drawn to want to

help alleviate people’s feelings of suffering, isolation and trauma from the age of eight when I saw those around me experience pain and suffering, and feel “trapped” as a result of their past experiences and current situation. Having experienced my own therapeutic journey I recognised the effectiveness and power of psychotherapy. I was also extremely excited by the self-developmental journey that accompanied psychotherapy. I enjoyed the feelings of liberation that I felt as I understood my patterns of thought and behaviour and the day-to-day selfcompassionate practices I developed, and the compassion and empathy I developed for others. This all inspired
me to pursue the studies and training to be able to aid others in their mental and emotional

processes. And I love it!


 I have an extremely open, personable and compassionate approach. I feel my extensive life experiences allows me to connect and have a deep understanding of mist ckients. Along with therapuetic approachs to help heal and work through emotional and psychological barriers in ones life, i am able to assist clients on their self development journey to reach their potential, expand their awareness and live a more mindful, compassionate and fulfilled life.


Every client is a highlight especially seeing clients overcome huge emotional barriers in their personal life and relationships. Seeing clients build confidence and belief in themselves and set and achieve amazing life goals



Specialist In


Mostly past abuse and trauma, self and emotional development, stress management, relationship advise.

Type of Therapy

(Psychotherapist/ self development Counsellors) Mindfulness, MBCT, CBT, integrative humanistic therapy, gestalt psychotherapy, mindfulness based self compassion.

Years of Experience

3 years

Qualifications and Experience

Bachelor degree psychology / diploma Counselling / post graduate certificate gestalt therapy

Completing a certificate of Mindfulness based cognative therapy

Professional Body Memberships

BACP – british assosiation of counselling and psychotherapy


  • She was able to understand and reflect on my situation very  quickly. It was a telephone session but she managed to create a safe and non judgemental space even though we weren’t together in person.


  • I felt she held a very safe space for me to express my self and my needs. I also felt understood and supported. I am looking forward to see what we can work on together to make my mind a happier place.


  • I really felt comfortable talking to her, the advice she gave me during the session were very helpful and she encouraged me to share my feelings. I found it very helpful


  • I had a lovely first ever therapy experience with her. Really friendly and easy to open up to. Looking forward to working with her.