Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner.

About Me

I have had my fair share of drawbacks and there is more than one person I have to thank for supporting me along the way when I was at my lowest. Since turning my life around, I have dedicated my time and energy to be the go to person for people who have struggled or are struggling getting their lives back on track, especially young adults, with whom I work consistently delivering personal development trainings in communities, school and Universities all over UK with an agency called Grit and also in my private practise.

The particular strength/unique quality that sets me apart is my personal and professional experience. I have faced many difficult circumstances and have had the opportunity to start afresh and the determination to carry that change through. I am very open and honest and at ease having difficult conversations in order to benefit the client’s development. I am relational, reliable, direct, compassionate and firm. I also bring awareness and knowledge around diversity and equality and the ability to tolerate difficult feelings and situations that might emerge from sessions.

I work with clients from all walks of life and I work particularly and predominantly within the LGBTQI+ communities in an affirmative manner. I also work a lot with addictions,  chemsex support and personal development and with young adults.

Specialist In

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner.

Years of Experience

14 years

Qualifications and Experience

Dip Clin Hyp NLP Coach – ECHM


CP NLP (Certified Practitioner of NLP) – ECHM

Professional Coaching Skills (MAC) – NLP Dynamics.
CP NLP (ANLP) – NLP Dynamics.

MBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) Coach – NLP Dynamics.

NLP Master Practitioner (ANLP) – NLP Dynamics
Full Member AC (Association for Coaching)

Fully Registered Member of the BIH (British Institute of Hypnotherapy)


  • I Used To Feel A Lack Of Confidence …

    “… and uncertainty on where I am in life but after working with him, I have gained a new perspective, more confidence and feel like I have much more control over where I want to go in life. I see things in a more positive light. I would recommend anyone searching for guidance in their career or who want explore different aspects of their being to contact him. My expectations were exceeded! I gained coping strategies, new ideas on how to approach meeting people and being more accepting of all aspects of myself. he is very professional, highly approachable, and open minded which is incredibly valuable when opening up on personal matters”.



  • Following The Breakup Of A Long Term Relationship …

    ” … I felt frustrated and disheartened that I didn’t seem to be getting over it. It was a constant frustration for me. It was causing me to lose sleep and motivation at work and in life in general. This was going on for some 4 years and was getting me very down. After working with him. I am now able to understand what I value…I am working towards having the ability to validate myself which we worked out was one of my key issues. I understand that everyone gets anxious sometimes and that this triggers negative thoughts for me. I am able to see that is happening and circumvent it as much as possible with a combination of diet, exercise and deep breathing. During my months of ‘therapy’ I have passed 4 Microsoft exams which has set me up for a move to a department at work where I will be more challenged. Personally, I am in a new relationship where I have been able to be honest about my issues and that I’m working on them. The relationship is going well and I am trying not repeat my mistakes of the past. I am developing good habits to stay healthy mentally and physically. Thank you Daniele. I would recommend anyone who is battling with personal challenges and doesn’t understand why they aren’t just going away. The problem could be that you don’t understand yourself enough yet to employ the strengths you already have in the right way.  Life also requires the need to understand others and that they understand the world through their own experiences. My sessions with him have helped me to understand this.”




  • I’ve Always Suffered With Emetophobia but …

    ” … avoidance strategies have seen me through quite well. When I had my son it became something that created a lot of anxiety for me and affected my life on a daily basis. I reached the point where I really needed to address it and make a change; he was recommended to me by a close friend. Over the course of several months I worked with Dan to try and understand the anxiety, develop coping strategies and create a new focus, thus slowly reducing the importance the phobia and anxiety had in my thoughts. I’m really pleased to say it worked! Although I still have emetophobia the anxiety is gone, it does not affect my daily life anymore. I enjoy the time I have with my son and relationships have improved with both my son and my husband. I feel a huge sense of relief and accomplishment. He helped to create an environment, a safe place, where I could reflect on things outside of my normal thought process. I was able to see events and connections in a completely different light and make changes for myself. I believe the resources I have learnt will last a lifetime and my life is much better for undergoing this process. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who suffers from any form of anxiety”.




  • I used to feel very insecure and depressed, thinking I couldn’t do anything…….

    “… to improve my situation. My feelings were a sum of a lot of situations that happened in the past and that I thought I couldn’t overcome. After working with him I started appreciating myself more and I understood how important are self-love and self-appreciation. I started to analyse situations with a different approach and little by little I am seeing the results.

    Thank you for your deep understanding of my situation. Thank you for creating a safe space where I could open up on matters I always kept inside”.

    I would recommend this journey to anyone. It is never too late to start loving yourself.


  • He Is An Incredible Coach And Practitioner.

    “His calm and professional nature leaves you feeling both inspired and empowered. He allows you to see beyond what you may think is currently possible and creates space for you to build new paths forward. He supports with interest and commitment, and challenges with compassion. In the 17 years that I have been around the field of coaching, in my opinion, he is one of the best”.


    Dionne Braham - Lead Trainer/Coach - Youth at Risk UK