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Our personalized on-demand online life coaching and therapy services let you choose among our certified therapists and experts anytime, anywhere.

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Do you feel as if your limiting beliefs or past traumas are getting the better of you? Maybe you’re looking to tap into your being and unravel your true potential? Or do you just want to untangle yourself and embark upon a journey towards a better career and a more fulfilled life?

This is where our expert life coaches and therapists step in to help you see light and equip you with a better understanding of love, life, and family.

Professional, Experienced and Vetted Coaches and Therapists To Help You On Your Journey…

You don’t have to meet your counselor in-office to be able to get the best experience. Our counselors treat you with the same respect, professionalism and quality while communicating with you whenever and wherever you want. They help you tackle a wide range of issues by offering counsel about life, relationships, parenting, love, business and career.

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Sessions are conducted via Skype, video call or audio call. If you don't have a Skype account please download it please.

What happens in Renouvoo, stays in Renouvoo. Your privacy is highly respected and protected

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What Our Clients Say

I never had a life coach before so didn’t know what to expect. Was fed up with nothing ever going right for me so did a skype session for around 30 mins. Really happy with the service and encourage anyone out there who is hesitating. Just go for it. They help you to break negative thoughts.

Johnny, Epsom

My mental health issues was just getting worse. Had a short 15 min chat over the screen with a renouvoo mental health specialist. will be booking more sessions for sure. I received a lot of understanding and they just knew how to calm me down and get me out of intense situ.

Jameela, Staines

Just finished a session with a Life coach and am feeling so much more positive, hadn’t realised how low I had got and I am going to continue to get some more sessions because lockdown has really affected me.

Dina, Braintree

Took a chance with Renouvoo and I’m so glad I did. My therapist was welcoming and I came away feeling like everything was in control again. I’ve booked an hour session for a follow up to go a bit deeper and get to the core of my issues.

Jamie, Essex

If you’re feeling low or anxious I can’t recommend this service enough. It’s a very cool idea to speak with an experienced professional and get immediate pointers and tips on how to cope better. You start from Renouvoo’s site, once you have selected the therapist you want, you press the orange button on their profile and it takes you to your own skype account. You can text/chat with the therapist and tell them what’s going on and about your problems even before you start. Once you press the video skype call your session starts and you’re paying for the time. I stayed for about 20 mins which was enough to give me some help, paid around £36 which was well worth it. No waiting times which was great.

Marnie, Cornwall

I lost my job in the lockdown 4 months ago so needed a new job but no jobs to get in my industry.. booked a one hour session with career-life coach who was absolutely brilliant, just gave me a totally new perspective and raised my confidence levels so much that Im going to go for a totally new career path. Got 2 more one hour sessions planned.

Steve, Whyteleafe, Surrey

Have just had a counselling session as I’m in an abusive relationship, really feel supported and even though I was ashamed to talk at first she really helped me. Professionally trained in crisis situations so you feel like you are in safe hands. Definitely worth the money and I can ring them any time I need to if things don’t improve at home.

Michaela, Liverpool

No brainer, got access straight away. You got to have skype though so once it’s open make your call you won’t regret it. I needed a hypnotherapist and ******* was able to pinpoint how to break the cycle I was in.

Carlo, London

Feel fantastic after just 30 mins session and will pick it up again next week. Got scheduled some weekly sessions – 30 mins each time – over next two months. Defo recommend. Life coach was brill and going to choose a Psychotherapist as my Life coach said I could do with some help there also.

Stella, London

If you’re a bit afraid to commit to therapy or life coaching, as I was, I would recommend Renouvoo. Their experts are exactly that, real experts and I got the help I needed on the spot when I was going through a lot of pain and anxiety. Sometimes we need a bit of help but it’s hard to make the decision  and reach out but when you do you will feel a lot happier, I know I did.

Dominika, Devon

No waiting times, no fuss and very discreet. People dedicated to helping you. So pleased with the service and help from my psychotherapist.

Abdul, Solihull


Who is Renouvoo?

Renouvoo was created to support people facing life’s issues with a responsive, on-demand service in professional mental health and therapeutic services as well as professional life, relationship, family and business/career coaching services.

How does the service work?

Renouvoo is a private online portal and an interactive real-time service provider - with a platform which profiles professional Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Life Coaches, Career, Business and Performance Coaches, Parent Coaches, Couple Coaches.
We offer two ways of connecting with our professionals:

  1. Immediate access - if you need support now you can get the help you need right away. You simply create and account, deposit funds, and select one of our professionals. You will need a Skype account. We will connect you to our professional via our platform to your regular Skype account. You will pay only for your ‘session-time’, you may chat prior using Skype text.
  2. You may schedule a one to one session with your preferred professional – simply visit a professional on their profile and go to their individual calendar to select your preferred date/time. This is a provisional date and you will be notified of confirmation by our professional via your email.

All professionals are accessible via our Skype connecting technology and conducted via Phone, computer, IPad, tablette and Skype text chat. (see more on how our service works here, also see our promotional video here)

Is the service NHS or Private?

Renouvoo is a paid-for service and not connected to NHS. Clients can connect discreetly with a professional directly, each professional offers their own unique service and has their own rate charged per minute or hourly sessions (see Professional’s rates here).

How do you verify the professionals?

Renouvoo attracts the best talent in the market with thorough processes to ensure they meet our high standards to best serve our clients. Each professional must possess the correct qualifications with valid and current professional certification, as well as proof of identity and the right to work in the UK. Renouvoo offers a platform for professionals to profile their services and conduct their services to clients in a self-employed capacity - being independent contractors. Any health care or coaching provided to the public is not medically or professionally governed by Renouvoo.

Is my data safe and private?

Yes, absolutely. What happens in Renouvoo, stays in Renouvoo. We are aligned with GDPR and are in strict compliance, all personal data that you share is encrypted with our software (SSL certification). Money transactions are also is ultra-safe as we use payment partners Paypal which handles millions of customers purchases and is trusted worldwide.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes, there is no monthly subscription and you may close your account at any time. Funds deposited in your account will be fully refunded at such time.

Is online therapy and coaching affordable?

Yes, Renouvoo’s online therapy and coaching services offers a range of professionals to choose from with varying prices to suit all budgets. The ability to pay per minute is unique to Renouvoo and is set to revolutionise the industry! It gives clients affordable , fast and easy support. Prices range from as little as £20 for a 20 minute session. Time-flexible sessions are available as clients can decide how long they want their session to last, which is perfect for those who need some on-the-spot coping skills or an immediate response to an anxiety attack or episode for example. Thereafter, longer sessions can be planned and scheduled with our professionals via our calendar system.

Is online therapy and the coaching as effective as having ‘in person’ sessions?

Online therapy has become the ‘norm’ especially since Covid 19 and the safe distancing restrictions and recommendations prohibiting physical interface. Telemedicine is a very effective method of health care and is already practiced across the world by medical professionals remotely to assist patients in need of medical diagnose and treatment. In the same way online mental health therapy and wellbeing has helped diagnose and treat isolated and sometimes vulnerable individuals, in-fact it has been a lifeline for many during the pandemic. Companies such as Renouvoo have stepped in to help in these modern, life-changing-times and literally saved lives with new online technologies. Many people who are needing either mental health support or dealing with family, relational , job-loss, career issues, can now get instant access to mental health therapy and coaching professionals using their smart phone or computer from the comfort of their own home.

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