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Renouvoo offer competitive coaching fees to make investing in your happiness and wellbeing affordable and achievable. Our services provide excellent value for your money, with the flexibility to choose whether you want to see a coach, therapist or both. We can help you determine exactly what coaching and help you could benefit from, to work out which option is right for you and your lifestyle.
*For the face to face session is eligible if you are based in London

Renouvoo Coaching and Therapy Services

All of Renouvoo’s packages: Board Walk, Shore, Splash , Swim and Deep Dive include the following transformational benefits:





The journey to a more positive life starts with an initial ASSESSMENT/STRATEGY CALL to establish your current situation. It also allows you to feel comfortable with the therapist/coach and gives assurance you have made the right decision. 


Indepth Exploratory & Discussing Goals

One to one therapy sessions begin with a detailed exploration with the client; this arguably is the most important session as it sets the direction of what is entailed in the client’s recovery and the right support level required to reach their goals.  SESSION ONE will take into account the current individual circumstances and dynamics, background and current issues. The session will reveal the client’s mind-set and limitations and any negative thought patterns that are holding them back and goals they would like to attain in life.  The client will:

    • Gain a better perspective/clarity and know that there’s a way through.
    • Identify and detach limiting beliefs
    • Know that a personalized action plan is being prepared and managed to work to set goals, freeing them to reach their goals


The client’s STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN is created and tailored to each individual client. The plan will take into consideration many factors that have contributed to the individuals current state of mind and outlook and goals that the client hopes to achieve in their life. All packages will require the client to be open and accountable to ensure success. Clients must be willing to implement new methods, new actions, change their thinking patterns. For example, our therapists and coaches may request clients to write down their goals, carry out ‘homework’ after the face to face session.  to break habits, build confidence and be at peace in their core. They likely will ask clients to change certain familiar habits, make changes and do things differently, clients will certainly learn new tools, skill-sets, new methods and coping strategies that are prescribed by our professionals. The STRATEGIC ACTION PLAN is dependent on agreed goals and actions between the client and our professional


IMPLEMENTATION of the TAILORED STRATEGIC PLAN will involve one to one coaching sessions, the sessions are scheduled on a time-line that suits both the client and the therapist or coach.  The intervals between the sessions are dependent on the clients needs, for example the therapist/coach may need to see the client more frequently to intensify the therapeutic support.  Tailored self-help tools, exercises, audio recordings, session recordings will be supplied to the client as part of a tailored approach.

One to one therapy/coaching sessions are typically held over a 60 minute duration, either face to face or via Mobile phone /computer screen.


- Client will be appointed a dedicated Client Manager to ensure they are looked after throughout their package. Regular check-in calls with our clients to ensure excellent customer service. 

-Email communication or Client Manager access via phone - 5 days per week 9-5pm. Response within 24 hours.

Due to the COVID 19, no more face to face session will run at the moment


New packages prices to support you during this difficult period



9oardwalk Pack

Enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk of life.

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  • 6 video calls, text messaging or voice call (60 minutes)

£ 870 /1 months


Shore Pack

Experience the space between here, and there.

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  • 9 video calls, text messaging or voice call  (60 minutes) 


 £ 1305 /2 months


Splash Pack

Make a splash into a more courageous life.

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  • 13 video calls, text messaging or voice call (60 minutes)

£ 1885 /2 months


Swim Pack

Swim in an ocean of potential and possibility.

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  • 18 video calls, text messaging or voice call (60 minutes)

£ 2610 /3 months

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Deep Dive Pack

Dive deep into the you of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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  • 30 video calls, text messaging or voice call (60 minutes)

£ 4350 / 4 months


Pay As You Go
Single session (face to face, video call, text messaging or voice call )