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Coping with Anxiety/Stress/Depression During the covid-19

What to expect during the live online session

During the Corona Virus we are seeing more people who are dealing with heightened levels of stress, anxiety and depression. To help with this we are rolling out some expert coaching and therapy services with a series of online webinars that are just perfect while
many of us are at home.

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The session will be held online by our Wellness coach/ Hypnotherapist

About Me

I ‘burnt out’ working as a Social Worker in the NHS (Mental health and then in a stroke rehabilitation team) and I wanted my life to end. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and saw a Hypnotherapist and I transformed my health and life with her support. I am very passionate about supporting others to free their mind and change their life. I believe that everyone deserves to live a fulfilled abundant life!

My mental health training and experience and my own personal experiences.

I work with many issues and I am also an Inner Child Therapist for Trauma and Abuse and work with a lot of Phobias too.

Any issue that is a Neuroses rather than Psychoses (NOT; Schizophrenia, Bi polar, Personality disorders etc)

Plus I work with:

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– Mental Health Approved Social Work-Award Post Qualifying Level 2-5 -Post Qualifying Award in Social Work-Diploma in Social Work -Access course to Humanities and Social Sciences; Psychology, Counselling, and Intermediate Mathematics


⭐The Wellness Coaching and energy work was amazing! It has changed my life in so many ways. Thank you’!

C. D


⭐The Hypnobirthing really helped me as I was calm and was 6-7 cms dilated when I arrived at the hospital. Thanks for all your help.

H. M


⭐Thanks again for all your help. I feel an air of peace that I’ve never felt before….wonderful-you are Awesome!’

R. H


Date And Time

Thu, 30 April 2020

Mon, 18 May 2020

18:30 – 19:30 BST

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No Refunds