Have you or any of your loved ones been suffering from an untreatable mental disorder? Does every medical or psychiatric medicine fail to help you with your condition? Does there seem to be no traceable cause for this condition, but no remedy seems to work? Then you might want to consider an alternative solution which has helped hundreds and thousands of with their undiagnosable and treatable mental illnesses.

When stress, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, gender dysphoria seem untreatable by medical doctors, the cause could be something beyond what you see on the surface. Many ancient religions and cultures believe in the concept of past lives. That, human beings take many forms throughout their journey in the universe. And once we are reborn into the world to live another episode of life, we start this journey all over again every time. However, in many cases, there can be some unresolved matters that you can carry along with you, into a new life and these problems can only be addressed once get in touch with your past self that existed in your past life.

Many traumatic incidents occur in a person’s life, and often the time runs out before there is a chance to process or recover from this trauma in the span of that lifetime. This trauma can manifest itself in the form of mental disease in the future lives of that person.

Past life regression is a hypnotic procedure where a hypnosis expert can help you recover memories from your past lives. This spiritually healing procedure can help you go back in time and re-live your past life experiences to understand them better and to resolve them so you can carry on your present life with ease and normalcy. It has been quite effective for millions of people suffering from unknown psychological stressors and has helped them understand themselves better.

This gentle form of hypnotherapy will help you understand why you have always felt an unexplainable connection to certain places or things. What importance do certain events or objects hold in your subconscious mind and how it has always affected your present life. You take a journey through the incarnations your soul has gone through and pick up on all of the memories that have been hard to reach before.

In today’s world, our lives have gotten too busy that we find it impossible to listen to the signs and voices that our past life memories are trying to signal at us. Through our session of psychotherapy, we will help you access those repressed memories and communicate with your past. During this session, we try and create an environment calm and peaceful enough that allows you to fall deeper into your subconscious mind.

Our trained Hypnotherapists can assist you with the subconscious mind , online sessions available from anywhere you are. Simply complete our enquiry form so we can match you with one of our professionals: https://renouvoo.com/form/


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